Sunday, October 17, 2021

Young journalists explored the landmarks in Strumica

In the course of March and April, the students and members of the journalist club from the elementary school “Marshal Tito” from Strumica, together with the responsible teachers, explored about the sports, music, culture and landmarks in the city.


The old Turish post, the Orta mosque and the Complex of churches Holy 15 Tiberiopol Martyrs were the first sites that were visited by the young Strumica journalists. Afterwards they visited the Historical Archive and the Museum of the Municipality of Strumica.  The students also collected data and interesting information at direct meetings and interviews with famous musician, historians and athletes from the city.

1The students found the visits to the landmarks in the surrounding area of Strumica especially interesting.  Together with the teachers they visited the “Strumin Grave”, the monastery in Vodoca and the monastery in Veljusa.  During their visit to “Strumin Grave” near the village of Banica, the students learnt more about the history and the legends related to this locality.  Then, they continued towards the monastery “St. Leontij” in the village of Vodoca. The nun from the monastery kindly welcomed the students and told them about the history of the monastery complex.

The students were very satisfied with everything they saw and learnt and they continued their journey towards the famous monastery “Assumption of the Holy Mother of God-Eleusa” in the village of Veljusa.  During the visit to the monastery, the students organised art workshop.  Inspired by the peace and serenity of the beautiful monastery courtyard, they made several drawings complemented by their text comprising new interesting information.

At the end of the time spend together, part of the students shared their impressions from the visits. ”When the teachers told us where we are going, at first I hesitated because we were going to visit Christian facilities and we haven’t entered such facilities before. However, after the joint visit to these beautiful places, I would like to visit them again” – said the student Nigjar.  Her classmate Dime says that he is very happy because he and his friend Ozgjur were able to jointly visit these significant places.  “What makes me the most happy is the fact that he hasn‘t been here before” – adds Dime.

The young talented journalists were hurrying to finish their reports and they were looking forward to share their work with their peers, parents and teache

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