Sunday, May 16, 2021

Western Balkans’ Love Story: “SHAKESPEARE AT THE DOOR”

DSC_1025On 29th of October, 2014 at the Cultural House in Kavadarci, the mayor of this municipality  welcomed the students, teachers, representatives of USAID Interethnic Integration in Education Project and PAC Multimedia. The event was organized to promote the final product of the creative workshops that involved 35 students from this city’s secondary school “Dobri Daskalov”, who  worked hard and spent time together in the last six months, and managed  to demonstrate that creativity, collaboration and acknowledgment of differences is a drive towards mutual understanding and cohabitation.

The result of these youngsters’ work, the drama play “Shakespeare at the door” – a Western Balkans version of the worldwide famous tragic love story – challenged the love of Jule and Rome. These two young people love each other and the only obstacle between them is their families with a different social background. This contemporary story comprised of so many humorous and daily life scenes, entertaining the audience at the Cultural House in Kavadarci for almost an hour.

Luckily, in this version, love is victorious. Jule and Rome, in spite of the quarrels and obstacles from their families, moved to Ecuador to live happily ever after. In the play, they managed to bridge even the misunderstandings among their family members and bring peace and love among them.

At the Cultural House, students from all secondary schools from Kavadarci had the opportunity to also attend a follow up activity — a Forum Theatre debate, moderated by the famous actors Keti and Goran Ilik. Students from the audience actively participated in the role-play, offering creative solutions.

DSC_1061Kavadarci is another good example in a row of a goodwill young generations to stimulate interethnic coexistence. Students of Dobri Daskalov, which were part of the creative workshops through the USAID Interethnic Integration in Education, promise that they will continue to share and demonstrate good examples of interethnic integration, not only in Macedonia, but also abroad. Their next step in this direction is to participate with the drama play “Shakespeare at the door” at a festival that will take place in Bansko, Bulgaria very soon.