Wednesday, December 8, 2021

Training and Debate in Prilep

DSC02105In the past period, the IIEP and YEF debate club in Prilep participated in a series of activities. The members of the new debate club for beginners attended the lectures about the “World Schools Style“ debate format. The lectures involved topics related to argumentation, speech giving during a debate, case building and refutation, the role of the speakers during a debate and critical thinking.

Concurrently, the more experienced debaters from the club in Prilep attended the training for debate trainers that enabled them to upgrade their debating skills and to obtain skills for leading the debate club in their town.

Towards the end of November, the Secondary Municipal School “Orde Copela” from Prilep hosted the public debate on the topic of “Youth initiatives, an example of cooperation, integration and trust”.

The Macedonian Language and Literature teachers, Anita Buneska and Elizabeta Priganoska, as well as the students Emilija Cavleska and Aleksandar Pizov who are experienced debaters and starting from this year, have the role of debate trainers in the club in Prilep, participated in the debate.

The present secondary school students and teachers discussed the ways in which young people cooperate with each other, despite all the differences among them which arise from their culture, ethnicity, social background, as well as the different views and attitudes they represent. In their speeches, the teachers shared their experiences as to how, on a daily basis, they are among the most active participants involved in this process of mutual understanding and building a better society. They are responsible for the young people in their school and they have an obligation to guide them in the right direction. On the other hand, the debaters talked about the manners in which they can use the debate for breaking down the stereotypes that exist among young people.

These activities were implemented within the USAID Interethnic Integration in Education Project.