Sunday, January 16, 2022

The young schoolgirls from Tetovo started competing in the volleyball league

Schoolgirls from eighth and ninth grade, all from primary schools in Tetovo, started competing in the volleyball league, under the mentorship of their teachers of sports and sports education.

The volleyball league is played under the motto “Chapmions Play as One”, because all teams are made up of volleyball players of mixed ethnic composition and from different schools. The competition is organized by the Centre for Balkan Cooperation “Loja”, within the USAID Interethnic Integration in Education Project, in cooperation with all schools in the town.

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The league started on 14 October 2016, with matches that are played out in several rounds, and the final is planned to be played at the end of the month in one of the school gyms in the town. The league was organized at the idea and initiative of the schools and the sports education teacher from the school PS “Liria”, Milan Ristovski, who established the cooperation with all other teachers involved in the league. They believe that the students should be offered more sports activities during which they will socialize with students from other schools and from other ethnic communities. Sport is for everyone, and the champions play as one, say the teachers.


What is typical for this league is that the teams are multilingual and ethnically mixed and the female players can socialize intensively during the competitions and the preparations – where, in addition to the development of sportsmanship, communication, friendship and cooperation are also encouraged, both among the students and the teachers.

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It is interesting to note that the schools are also participating with joint mixed teams. Thus, in the league, in one team, students from the school “Liria” play together with students from the PS “Kiril i Metodij”. The students from the PS “Goce Delchev” play in one team together with their friends from PS “Naim Frasheri”, while the PS “Andrea Saveski – Kjikjis” is in a team with students from the PS “Istikbal”. The largest elementary school from Tetovo “Bratstvo – Migjeni” participates with its team, because of the number of students who study there and the large number of talented volleyball players it has.

The fact that volleyball is not accidentally the favorite sport in Tetovo was proven by the matches played so far, where the atmosphere was wonderful, and there was fair play and great fun. Indeed, the champions play volleyball as one, as stated in the motto – and we look forward to the finals and the end results.