Tuesday, October 26, 2021

The students from the partner demonstration schools from Kumanovo learn about each other through games

If your name is Zoran or Violeta, do you have a namesake among the children who learn in Albanian language of instruction? Maybe there are no names such as Zoran or Violeta among the Albanian children, but there are Agim and Vjolca and that is almost the same as Zoran and Violeta because the meaning is almost identical.


The students from the partner demonstration schools “Brakja Miladinovci” and “Bajram Sabani” from Kumanovo realized that during the 14th in a row Multicultural Workshop which was moderated by teachers-mentors from both languages of instruction.


Within the workshop, one of the additionally created contents for adoption of the basic concepts in the other language was implemented for the second and third grade students who study in Albanian and Macedonian languages of instruction. Throughout the workshop there was an exceptionally positive atmosphere with constant cooperation in “mixed” pairs or groups. The students were happy while learning the new words and they were personally challenging themselves to learn them as good as it gets.

The teachers-mentors, in an interactive and playful manner, led the students through the planned contents and contributed to the better bonding of the children from the two schools with different languages of instruction.