Monday, January 24, 2022

The students from Prilep and Zajaz commit to a long-term cooperation

slika2Recently, the PS “Blaze Koneski” from Prilep and the PS “Redz Rushit Zajazi“ from Zajaz signed a memorandum of partnership, thus marking the beginning of a long-term and productive cooperation aimed at interethnic friendship among the students and professional cooperation of the teachers.

Due to the great desire of the students for spending time together, the activities were initiated immediately after the signing of the memorandum and hence towards the beginning of November 2014, four workshops were implemented for introducing students to each other. The purpose of these gatherings was for students to get to know each other, to exchange ideas, to spend time together, to cooperate and to jointly follow the activities on the Day of the Apple. In the main activity, the students, who were divided in five groups comprised of students from both partner schools, jointly worked on the preparation of a plan for joint activities for each group.

The language barrier was not an obstacle for the mutual understanding and the excellent cooperation; in addition, coordinators of the activities provided their support by helping in the communication. At the end of the gathering, the students presented their prepared plans for joint activities which comprised a walk in the Mount of the Unbeaten – the Mogila, a joint outdoor field trip, a visit to the Marko’s Towers, a visit to the Shopping Mall Vero in Skopje, environmental action and many more plans. In a democratic manner, the environmental action was selected as the first activity that will be implemented jointly by the students.

slika5The creative proposals, the democratic conduct and the respect towards the students from the partner school are a proof of how mature the students from the 3rd, 4th and 5th grade are, who regardless of their age, showed an exemplary awareness and preparedness for multiethnic friendship and cooperation.