Friday, January 21, 2022

The Second Student Summer Camp Held in Ohrid

Search for a hidden treasure through Ohrid, exercises for team cooperation, as well as social games with competitive spirit such as Monopoly and Twister were only part of the fun activities during the second student summer camp which was held from 16 to 19 September in Ohrid.

During the four-day camp, which was organized in cooperation with the Center for Balkan Cooperation “LOJA”, one of the partner organizations in the IIEP, 40 students and 8 teachers from a total of 4 schools from Tetovo had the opportunity to meet and socialize.

In addition to the numerous mental activities, the students spent part of their time playing fun sports games during which they had the opportunity to establish additional communication and integration.

Such fun camps organized by the IIEP are aimed at enabling the students of different ethnic backgrounds to have contact and active interaction, to improve their communication and to create space for building new friendships.

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