Friday, January 21, 2022

The people from Kumanovo support the interethnic integration activities

On 20 October, about a hundred students from 15 schools from Kumanovo gathered in the elementary demonstration school Bajram Sabani in order to celebrate the Days of Interethnic Integration and to show to the wider community how in the past four weeks they socialized, cooperated, laughed, researched, created new things, but most of all, how they became friends.

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In seven groups, each of them comprising strudents from three diferent schools, with different languages of instruction, the students once again showed that they need very little, just a tiny chance, to wake up their creativity and to jointly be creative and socialize. A proof of the children’s laugher, the wide smiles and the satisfaction of the completed work was the numerous audience – parents, principals and teachers from all schools from the municipality, as well as the highest representatives of the local community.

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Most importantly, all schools and the municipality itself showed that the future of the new generations will be brighter and that they will work together on the approximation of the different communities, as it was the case on the Days of Interethnic Integration.