Wednesday, December 8, 2021

The jubilee of the secondary agricultural school in Kavadarci was celebrated with activities for interethnic integration

There was a rich programme and many activities during the celebration of the jubilee – 60 years of the secondary agricultural school Gjorce Petrov from Kavadarci.


The celebration of the young people from Kavaradci was enriched with their guests, the secondary school students from the partner school Drita from Kicevo.

The students of both schools implemented joint workshops, made drawings on cardstock paper and flower arrangements and at the end they gave the recital “We are all the same”.

The joint activities of the students from both schools were also interesting for the local TV station KTV from Kavadarci which informed about the time spent together by the secondary school students with different ethnic background.

Watch the TV story on the KTV news:

(excerpt from the KTV news about the activities for interethnic integration)