Monday, January 24, 2022

The House of Culture was filled up to the last seat for the performance of the secondary school students from Gostivar

DSC09677On 25 February 2015, a group of talented students from the SS “Gostivar” from Gostivar presented their product from the creative workshops in front of an audience which filled the hall in the House of Culture in Gostivar up to the last seat. The event was attended by the students from all secondary schools in the city, parents, representatives of the municipality and representatives of the USAID Interethnic Integration in Education Project.

Around thirty students from different languages of instruction worked together for six months in the spirit of creativity, cooperation and unity. With the help of their teachers and two professional actors, the secondary school students prepared an integrated multimedia performance in which they spoke in four languages and proved to the audience that they are very fluent in their mutual language, i.e. the language of creativity. They also performed several music acts which were accompanied with the applause of the audience.

DSC09693After the performance, the students participated in a forum theatre and were actively involved in the solving of a fictional situation where one of the actors, the “oppressor”, did not accept the proposal for a joint excursion of the students from the Albanian and the Macedonian classes. The students’ proposals for resolving the given “situation” were inclusive, creative and constructive and they showed that spending time together with the students from other languages of instruction opens new horizons and a will to serve as good examples of unity in the society.