Monday, October 25, 2021

The elementary school students from Struga organised creative workshops

In the past period, the partner elementary schools “Debarca” from “Belciste” and “Nuri Mazari” from Struga jointly implemented several creative workshops which were attended by students from Macedonian and Albanian language of instruction.

The topic of the first creative workshop was “Happy birthday”. The students were mixed in groups, in which they discussed how they feel when it is their birthday, how they usually congratulate birthdays, what do they wish to those who celebrate their birthday and which songs do they sing. In the following part of the workshop, the students prepared a class book titled “Birthday Celebration”. At the end, two students from each group presented the book in the two languages of instruction.


The second creative workshop “How to put a baby to sleep?” started by introduction of the students through a circle game and then they were mixed into two groups. Each group received one copy of the worksheet – a baby (doll) and clothes. The students discussed about preparing and lulling little babies to sleep. With the help of the teachers, they discussed about the similarities and differences between the lullabies they heard in both languages. The students concluded that although the words and the melody of the lullabies can be different, what is similar is that when the babies are put to sleep the most important thing is to sing to them in a soft, quiet and loving voice.


During the third workshop titled “Happy 29th of February?” the students discussed how they will celebrate the new holiday 29th of February, which is a holiday of all people, equally important for all communities that live in Macedonia. The teachers-mentors prepared 6 envelopes which included written messages about friendship. Then, the students, divided in pair, threw a dice and depending on the number they’ve got, they received an envelope with the same number. The students opened the envelopes and read the messages in both languages. Then, the envelopes were attached to a large dice titled “Happy 29th of February”.


The last workshop “What is Ska – Ska is what” was the most interesting and fun for the students.  They were seated in a circle and had to ask the student seating next to them “What is ska” and then they received an answer “Ska is what”. The game goes on until the student who asked the first question provides an answer, whereas the teachers were asking questions and encouraging the students to participate. In the following part, the students were divided in pairs and they received a piece of paper with one written phrase that describes a cultural behavior. Each pair had to write the phrase in the other language and to read it in both languages of instruction. The students put the written phrases on a coloured cardboard paper and presented them. At the end of the activity, the students discussed about the most interesting moments and about the new words which they learned during the workshop.