Monday, January 24, 2022

The Demonstration School from Ohrid, “Bratstvo Edinstvo”, with a new appearance

DSC01736On April 29, 2015, one of the six demonstration schools within the IIEP, PS “Bratstvo Edinstvo” from Ohrid, marked the renovation with a solemn ceremony that was attended by senior officials from EUCOM and USAID. The renovated windows, doors and floors in this school are just another incentive to continue even more intensively with the large number of joint activities with students from the three languages of instructions.



Following the ribbon cutting ceremony, attendees had an opportunity to proceed several joint activities – language acquisition workshop with first graders, workshop about the customs and traditions of different ethnic communities, as well as competition of the the sports club of ping pong and badminton.

DSC01827The weather served the students well so they went to the school yard where they played various games on concrete ground. The EUCOM representative could not resist the cheerful atmosphere and he also joined the fun games. The energy and unity of the students from different languages of instruction showed that this primary school will continue to be a role model for all the schools in the country in terms of integrated education.