Sunday, January 23, 2022

Teaching staff with a possibility for certification of the knowledge and skills acquired through IIEP

The USAID Interethnic Integration in Education Project (IIEP), together with the Bureau for Development of Education and the Vocational and Educational Training Centre prepared a certification procedure, through which IIEP participants will be able to obtain different types of certificates, in accordance to the met conditions and criteria for each type of certificate, envisaged in the procedure.

In order for the IIEP participants to get acquainted with the certification procedure in detail, IIEP organizes regional mentorship meetings for the members of the School Integration Teams (SIT) from every school in the country during August and September. The obtained certificates will contribute to the professional development and the advancement in the career of the dedicated workers in the interethnic integration in education (IIE) field.

Nevertheless, teachers, directors and school professional staff from 431 schools from the entire Macedonia were included in the IIEP from the very begging of the implementation of the school activities in 2012. The IIEP participants had several types of trainings, workshops and gained knowledge in the IIE, as well as competences for practical application of IIE.