Monday, January 24, 2022

Sun, Nature and Joint Creative Gathering on Matka

DSC01025In addition to the beautiful sunny weather and the astonishing nature, today, Matka near Skopje was beautified with an additional scene: on the riverside, there was a line of easels and colourful drawings that were made by 12 mixed pairs of students. As they informed us themselves, the school day is much more interesting when organized outdoors and when they can work together with their friends from the partner school.

DSC01030This story is about the students from the primary school “Mirce Acev” from Gjorce Petrov and the primary school “Bajram Shabani” from the village of Kondovo, Saraj, who, through the small grants program of the IIEP, will implement several joint activities in the course of this school year. This was their second meeting, and, as we were informed by the directors of both schools, they are all eagerly awaiting the next gatherings!