Sunday, January 16, 2022

Students and parents from Veles painted a summer classroom and made stained glass windows together

About thirty students, parents and teachers from the partner primary schools “Rajko Zinzifov” and “Blagoj Krikov” from Veles, jointly painted an eco-summer classroom and made stained glass “Happy Windows”. The activities were implemented in the second half of September, in the school “Rajko Zinzifov”, in the village of Orizari near Veles, with the support from the grant program of the IIEP for parental involvement in the activities for interethnic integration in the education.

The renovation of the eco-summer classroom included activities for protection and painting of the iron and wooden construction of the building. First, the construction was covered with paint for corrosion protection, and then with varnish-paint for a special glow.


As part of the second activity, the parents, students and teachers from the partner schools made stained glass “Happy Windows”. Working in teams, they drew, colored and created beautiful paintings of flowers and insects on the school windows.

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During the work, the teams mutually helped each other and exchanged ideas in the sphere of art, but they also did not forget to socialize and have fun.