Sunday, October 17, 2021

Sports workshop in the Zivko Brajkovski School

At the end of May, about 40 students from the elementary school Zivko Brajkovski from Butel in Skopje improved their basketball, badminton and handball skills.

First, the students practiced and demonstrated how to properly handle a basketball with the left and the right hand, how to handle a ball while changing the direction and rhythm, and how to make forward and backward dribble, two-step move with shooting and jump-shot from the position and in motion. Then, they were practicing the basic badminton techniques – backhand shot, forehand shot and service.

In the end, the students learnt how to play the most popular sport in Macedonia – handball. They practiced how to pass and receive the ball in place and while moving, how to pass the ball from behind their backs, how to move the ball from their left hand to the right and between the legs in motion, how to pass the ball along the floor, how to handle the ball in motion and how to do a jump-shot.

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