Wednesday, December 8, 2021

Sharing experiences at the school maintenance training

An exchange of experiences and knowledge pertaining to problems that arise from the technical maintenance of the schools and strengthening the capacities of the technical staff were the main topics of the fourth training for the maintenance of educational institutions. At the training, held on 16th October, as a part of the Interethnic Integration in Education Project, several experts-engineers presented the manners and the procedures for ensuring functional spatial-technical conditions at the schools.

The training was attended by about 40 representatives from 13 schools from around the country, which were included in the renovation process of school buildings withing the Project. During the training, the participants discussed various aspects related to the maintenance of the school buildings, as well as the introduction of new gas heating systems and their management in the schools.

DSC_0079A representative from the general and civil engineering secondary school “Zdravko Cvetkovski” from Skopje informed the attendants that the school has been using gas heating for two years now. During the first year, they established financial savings on heating costs of 50%. However, during the second year the savings were reduced to 30%. In addition, he pointed out that at a seminar held in Croatia, at which representatives from civil engineering secondary schools were present, through discussions it was established that the increased consumption is due to the cleanliness level of the chimneys. Depending on the material used for the heating system, the manner of cleaning the chimneys is defined, i.e. the heating systems that use gas demand a specific method of cleaning the chimneys. Due to the foregoing, the employees from “Zdravko Cvetkovski” started thinking about opening a chimney sweeper vocation, which would yield experts for performing this activity.

The information regarding chimney sweeping in terms of gas systems was extremely useful, having regard to the fact that more and more schools and public buildings are obtaining gas heating and the number of gas heating systems is constantly on the rise.

The maintenance of the schools is a topic which has been neglected in the educational debate, while being of great importance for the quality in which the curriculum and the learning process are being implemented. Furthermore, long-term and high-quality maintenance may also create financial savings.

The questions that were opened during the training will further be discussed during the visits for monitoring the work of the schools together with the technical staff, which is the most important link necessary for the proper maintenance and functioning of the school. The improved maintenance of the school will bring benefit to 8,713 students and 842 employees in the 13 schools that were renovated in the fourth year of the implementation of the Project.