Sunday, October 17, 2021

Secondary school students from Kumanovo explored the tradition of the capital

The students from the secondary school “Pero Nakov” from Kumanovo organised 4 workshops for introduction and they also visited cultural and historical landmarks in Skopje, as part of the joint activities for interethnic integration. The activities were implemented by 30 students and teachers from classes with Macedonian and Albanian language of instruction.

Here is what the responsible teachers told us about the visit to the capital:

We departed in an organised manner from the school building. The trip was interesting; the children talked and spent time together.  


When we arrived in Skopje, first we visited the church of St. Spas, which is proclaimed a national treasure and whose churchyard houses the tomb of Goce Delcev. There we were welcomed by a curator, who walked us through the churchyard and told us in details about the history of the church, who built it, the dating of the frescoes and icons in the church and other interesting and important information.  After he finished with his presentation, the students were asking questions and were very much interested and fascinated by the new things which they heard and saw.  


The visit continued in the Mustapha Pasha mosque which is located in the near vicinity. In the mosque we learnt about the customs when entering a mosque, the date of its construction and the significance of everything which is located in there. Since it was time for the Friday pray, we attended this ritual which was very interesting for the students of Macedonian nationality.


The activity was very interesting; the students became acquainted with the customs of both communities, they spent time together, took photos and then walked along the Old Skopje Bazaar.  

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