Monday, January 24, 2022

Safet Neziri from the Ministry of Education was part of the group of small researchers

DSC00104 - Copy“Who can tell me the name of this insect?”, holding the magnifying glass over the grass, Safet Neziri, advisor to the Minister of Education and Science, addressed the curious third-grade students who surrounded him. The students enjoyed their role as young researchers of the plants and the insects in the school yard so much that it was not surprising that the advisor Neziri and the teachers gladly joined them in their research.

As part of the partner activities between the schools “Panajot Ginovski” and “Liman Kaba” from Butel, these students who study in Albanian and Macedonian language of instruction had several activities in the school yard of “Panajot Ginovski”. The teachers from the two schools took advantage of the sunny weather to organize a fun day for their students and to enable them, in mixed groups, to jointly learn about the professions, the domestic animals, the insects and the types of plants. The day was special, not only because the students had an opportunity to learn something new, but also because, through the manner in which the activity was implemented, the students were provided with a relaxed and merry atmosphere for communication, learning and cooperation with their friends from the partner school.

safThe advisor Neziri was a guest and an active participant in the exploration of nature, all in order to familiarize himself with the joint student activities that are currently being implemented by schools throughout the country.