Thursday, January 20, 2022

Primary school students from Krusevo organized a picnic at the local lake and practiced sport fishing techniques

About twenty students from the primaty schools Nikola Karev from Krusevo and the satellite school from Norovo, accompanied by several parents and members of the school integration teams, took part in the one-day picnic at the Krusevo Lake, where they observed the flora, learned about the fish stocks of the lake, practiced the basic sport fishing techniques and had lots of fun.


Having become friends during the previous joint activities, the students and the parents used the beautiful day for socializing and for setting up the foundations of the club of young fishermen in the school. While the parents who are known as experienced fishermen taught the students how to hold the fishing rods, how to put the bobbers on the reel and how to draw with the rod, the other parents were preparing snacks and refreshing drinks for the children.


Later on, the students, parents and teachers, divided into ethnically mixed groups, played sports games at the terrains near the lake, and in the end they went for a walk together. During the picnic, the students cooperated among each other and they were developing a friendly attitude and respect towards different opinions and viewpoints.