Sunday, January 16, 2022

New Heating System for the Primary School Students from “Drita”

The cold classrooms are now in the past of the students from the primary school “Drita” from the village of Rasche near Skopje. During the summer, a new heating system was installed in the school building, which should provide normal conditions for holding classes during the winter. The school “Drita” is one of the total of thirteen renovated schools, which during the summer holidays were renovated through the Interethnic Integration in Education Project (IIEP).


On the occasion of the renewal of the heating system, the teachers and students from “Drita” organized a ceremony during which they presented the activities and the achievements in the sphere of interethnic integration. The event was attended by representatives of the National Guard of Vermont in the USA, representatives of USAID, the Minister of Environment and Spatial Planning, Bashkim Ameti, the Deputy Minister of Defence, Bekim Maxuti, as well as many students, teachers and parents.



During the event, the numerous guests were addressed by Steven Cray, the Adjutant General of the Vermont National Guard from the USA, Bekim Murati, Mayor of the Municipality of Saraj and Muzafer Murtezani, principal of the school. “Though I have officially come today to celebrate the renovations to Drita Primary School and your partnership with the school from Kavadarci, there’s something else about this school and community that is worth celebrating even more.   The installation of a new heating system is wonderful. However, I also want to celebrate the activities you do in partnership with the primary school “Dimkata Angelov Gaberot” from Kavadarci and what it means for the future of your country“ – said Steven Cray.


And it was exactly such partnership activities that the present guests saw later on during the event.  In addition to the joint performance of the famous hit of Beni and “Non Stop”, “Be My Brother, Be My Friend – bëhu im vëlla, behu im frend”, the primary school students presented their knowledge about the solar system, they jointly made unique models and sent out a message that the things that unite them are the common games and the companionship and joy in general.

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The Office of Defense Cooperation at the US Embassy in Skopje, in partnership with USAID and IIEP, provides funding for the renovation of the selected school buildings. To date, the US military helped to renovate 61 schools in the country, that are part of the IIEP.