Monday, January 24, 2022

New beginnings – new challenges for the School Integration Teams from the demonstration schools

IMG_7927The new school year has started. The schools and the teachers are ready to face the new challenges. In a moment like that, in a pleasant atmosphere that can only be felt in Mavrovo, about 50 representatives of the School Integration Teams (SITs) from all demonstration schools, on 25 and 26 August participated in a seminar for sharing experiences and ideas on how to ensure continuity in the promotion of the model of integrated schools.

Led by the IIEP team, participants shared their ideas and visions on how to proceed on the path of bringing together students from all languages of instruction. The IIEP team presented the findings of the numerous studies that were made in the demonstration schools in the course of the previous school year, and that served as a basis for the definition of the status of the schools in terms of the integration process, as well as the segments where there is room and recommendations for additional interventions.

“The atmosphere was very pleasant, we really had fun at this two-day training and I hope that we will successfully apply all the innovations in the new school year,” said the teacher Elvin Kansu.

“A successful, useful and desirable training,” said Zora Bushevska, an adviser in the Bureau for Development of Education (BDE). “The schools developed a clearer picture of themselves by reporting to the other schools” said the adviser from the Bureau.

IMG_7933The School Integration Teams (SITs) that have been established and are functioning in a large number of schools have a very important role in implementing the activities intended for bringing closer the differences and building shared values. So far, in cooperation with the IIEP, the members of these teams from the schools across Macedonia have implemented hundreds of activities involving their colleagues, the students, the parents and the local communities.