Monday, January 24, 2022

New Beginnings in the Spirit of Unity in the Demonstration Schools

1 IMG_8017 (2)It is interesting that a year of 365 days has many beginnings. There is the beginning of the New Year in January and the beginning of spring with its symbollic awakening of nature and life. However, when it comes to schools, one thing that remains engraved in the memories of all children and the thing that brings about positive emotions is 1st of September – the first day of school.

This year was no exception, and in almost all schools across the country, first graders were greeted with a warm welcome. However, the new school year was also marked with several different welcoming events for the first graders. In the demonstration schools in Ohrid and Kumanovo, 1st of September was not just the first day of school, but also a day for affirmation of the commitments of the schools for integrated education, which will provide the best possible conditions to Agim, Monika, Elvis and Sevim on a daily basis to spend time together and to build their friendship.

These schools organized short school performances in which the students from all languages of instruction played various acts. In Kumanovo, in the two demonstration schools, the students welcomed first graders and their parents with the popular children’s song “If you are happy,” that was sung in the two languages of instruction, whereas in Ohrid the students sang children’s songs in the three languages of instruction.

IMG_8026Not only that, the school directors did not miss the opportunity to point out that the thing that makes their schools specific is exactly the work aimed at bringing all communities together. They pointed out that the schools are dedicated to the promotion of the values ​​of multiculturalism and interethnic integration. These commitments of the schools were positively accepted by the present guests and rewarded with applause.


“With this event we wanted to show that this school has been and will be an example of coexistence of all citizens of Macedonia. With this we announce that all students will spend time together, play together and learn together, because the future is in their hands,” said Muamer Doko, the director of the PS “Bratstvo Edinstvo” from Ohrid.

At the same time, in all schools, these events were used to proudly present the flags of the demonstration schools which were placed on the outer façade, as well as the Interethnic Integration Declarations that were exhibited in the school halls.