Monday, January 24, 2022

Let’s not forget our tradition: folk costumes – making “ojni” and “kiski”

IMG_20150403_150035Twenty students from the neighboring primary schools “Riste Risteski” from Dolno Kosovrasti and “Said Najdeni” from Debar, 5 km apart from each other, first met on April 3 at the workshop for making folk costumes that are typical for Debar and for the Reka region. Although the language of instruction in “Said Najdeni” is Albanian, and in “Riste Risteski” the teaching process is implemented in Macedonian, that posed no obstacle whatsoever for joint work and friendship.

Prior to the start of the workshop in PS “Riste Risteski”, in the classroom, Albanian costumes and costumes from the Reka region were exposed, whose features were presented to the female students. They were given the task to jointly make “ojni“ and “kiski”, decorations that are typical for the scarves from the Albanian and Reka costumes, and to make folk costumes which will later be used for dressing up dolls. The tables in the groups were covered with different textile materials, beautiful embroidered lace, colorful threads, shiny beads and other ornaments, pins, scissors, tongs for making “kiski” and dolls. After two hours of work, the dolls got clothes, the tongs produced beautiful “kiski”, and the “ojni” were used to decorate the edges of the scarves. The teachers–implementers, with the support of a female parent experienced in the skills for making “kiski” and “ojni”, constantly supported the girls while they were creating the costumes for the dolls, embroidered, sewed and made “kiski” and “ojni”.

During the activity, the words “gjilpërë”, “igla” (pin) were heard in the classroom… The female students handed needles, thread and scissors to each other, got to know each other and learned the names of the materials, the costume elements, etc. in both Albanian and Macedonian. In an atmosphere of cooperation and friendship, the work enthusiasm was very big and it seemed that the activity can continue forever.

“I am a member of the school integration team – SIT. The purpose of these activities is for the children to come together and talk to each other. For the female students from our school, this is the first activity as part of which folk costumes are made together with the students from PS “Riste Risteski” and it gives them a chance to learn about the characteristics of the costumes from the Reka region. Moreover, this is an opportunity to visit the school “Riste Risteski” and its surroundings and environment for the first time. Other joint activities are also planned and we will continue the cooperation aimed at togetherness of the two schools. “, says Florim Osmanovski, a Macedonian language teacher in PS “Said Najdeni”.

IMAG0941Fadrija Mustafoska, a math teacher at PS “Riste Risteski” and a member of the SIT in this school, was also directly involved in supporting this joint workshop. “The activity is very useful for the students from our region. Geographically we are close, but we do not know the cultural values of the other ethnicity. The folk costume as a cultural landmark for the region is worth cherishing by all ethnic communities that live here, because it is our cultural heritage that we cannot allow to vanish. The creative workshop is an excellent opportunity for the students to meet each other and to socialize, so that tomorrow, when they enroll in the secondary school in Debar, they can cooperate from every aspect. The success of today’s activities and how interesting they were for the students was best proven by their repeating question: “When will such an activity be organized again?” said Mustafovska.