Wednesday, December 8, 2021

Joint activities of the students from the Tetovo municipalities of Bogovinje and Brvenica

The students from the Tetovo elementary schools “Lirija” from the village Zerovjane and “Goce Delcev” from the village Stence developed their skills for cooperation, respect and teamwork, during the joint activities implemented at the beginning of March.

1Under the guidance of the teachers-mentors, the students made drawings and photographs on various topics related to the culture and the tradition of the ethnic communities in the Polog region. In the end, they did not miss the opportunity to play a friendly game of volleyball, one of the favorite sports of the people from the Tetovo region.

Few people know that in Zerovjane there is a volleyball team that competes in the first league and that it has won many trophies at regional and international competitions. Furthermore, many volleyball stars who played for the Macedonian national team came out from this club.

Before the departure, the students from both schools announced that the activities will continue this spring with joint matches, excursions and lots of fun.