Thursday, January 20, 2022

How are success school stories written?

Students, teachers, professional associates and principals were linked together by sports, music, art and mathematics contents, in order to promote and strengthen the friendship, cooperation and the need for unity among the students of Albanian and Macedonian ethnic communities. This took place on 10 November, during the joint event which was organized by the primary schools Kuzman Josifovski – Pitu and Liman Kaba. About 60 students from the two schools combined their enthusiasm, motivation and creativity in their joint work and immense friendship.


It all started with several meetings of teachers from both schools and this exciting story resulted in planning of six different contents with the participation of 12 teachers, two professional associates and full support of the management of the schools and the municipality.


The students from the 3rd grade classes prepared a color path which can be entered and exited through mathematical forms, wherein the students need to cooperate in both languages in order to understand each other and what to do.

During the Arts classes, the sixth grade students became acquainted with the home decorations, as well as the decorations in the religious objects, through the common or different elements of the rich folklore. 12 students had a vision for making a carpet together with traditional and modern elements.


Mixed groups of students from the 7th grade classes, on the sports field, enjoyed in the warm-up games, as well as in sports activities. The students were joined by their friends with hearing and speech disabilities.


Decorations, symbols. What are the traditions for Kurban Bajram and Easter? Students from the 9th grade classes searched for information and exchanged experiences through writing texts and storytelling about the traditions in their homes.


The songs and the dining table during the religious festivities in the homes were the topic in the music workshop. The joint music piece for Ramazan Bayram and Christmas was heard in both languages in a new arrangement on a compilation CD.


The ninth grade students also participated in a workshop for respect of the speech and effective communication through messages and demonstration. They ended their active work with a reminder of polite words and messages.

The students, by presenting their products, apart from the content, also expressed their satisfaction with the socializing, as well as with the manner in which they demonstrated their creativity, fluency and originality.


The real socializing and learning occurs when it is well-planned, well-led and when there is a desire to achieve and realize the set goals. The planned joint activities between the schools Liman Kaba and Kuzman Josifovski – Pitu were implemented with the intention of encouraging the mutual learning and cooperation. Our story does not end here…