Thursday, January 20, 2022

From a demonstration school to a demonstration municipality

Nine schools from the municipality of Kicevo, in four different groups comprising about 100 students, 20 teachers and parents from all ethnic groups, in the past three weeks intensively interacted, socialized, cooperated, created something new and, most importantly, made new friendships.


In the course of September and early October, the elementary demonstration school “Sande Sterjoski” from Kicevo hosted eight other schools from the municipality with which they jointly learned how to re-use materials and turn them into small works of art and practical tools. Besides working together, they explored about the importance of the city Kale (Fortress) – in the past and today, they had fun during the small Olympic Games and they got acquainted with the traditional dishes of the different ethnic communities by preparing delicious meals.


On October 10, the students and teachers organized the final event during which they presented the implemented activities. During the event, the wider city public, the parents, teachers, school principals and representatives of institutions explored the tastes of tradition and got acquainted with everything the young people from Kicevo did in the past period.


At the end of the event, the participants concluded that if in the past four years the “Sande Sterjoski” school served as a demonstration school for building integrated education, now the municipality may rightfully serve as a demonstration municipality for integrated education.