Friday, January 21, 2022

Forum theater in the secondary school “Orde Copela”

More than 70 students and teachers from the secondary school “Orde Copela” from Prilep attended the entertaining forum theater, organized within the creative corner in the school, in cooperation with the Performing Arts Center “Multimedia” – partner organization in the Interethnic Integration in Education Project.


The young actors who were “jokerized” by the previously trained teachers who lead the creative corner, set up a stage on an interesting topic – “forbidden” love between two persons of different nationalities.


Given that the forum theater is a tool that allows active participation of the audience, the people in the audience were constantly sharing their opinions, views and ideas, they were communicating, cooperating and finding potential solutions, which gradually cleared out the prejudices and stereotypes.


The secondary school students were able to once again confirm and send out a message that the different ethnicity is not an obstacle at all when it comes to fostering communication, friendship and love among people.