Sunday, January 16, 2022

Flower Train – symbol of interethnic integration in education in the Municipality of Butel

“Rich is the Fall“, “Flower Garden School“, “Embellishment of School Space“ and “Explore the Municipality of Butel“ are the topics of the 4 workshops that were presented as part of the promotional event “Days of Interethnic Integration” which was held in the primary school “Zivko Brajkovski” from the Municipality of Butel at the end of October. The activities involved teachers and students from 7 primary schools from the Municipality of Butel.

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The representatives of the municipality and the large audience were informed about the results of the workshop “Flower Garden School” which involved teachers and students from the schools “Zivko Brajkovski”, “Goce Delchev”, “Liman Kaba” and “Panajot Ginovski”. The students were grouped into 4 groups and under the mentorship of the teachers they worked on various activities – prepared floral arrangements, ikebana, posters, cardboard papers, a flower garden in the school and a flower garden in the schoolyard. All the products were made from recycled and natural materials – tree leaves, flower leaves, evergreen tree leaves, decorative stone, etc.

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14859522_10207117789718803_1781754435_oSpecial attention on the day of the presentation was attracted by the flower gardens in the school and in the schoolyard, where a special symbol was the “flower train”. The seven small cars and the locomotive represent the seven elementary schools and the municipality which helped in the implementation of the interethnic integration activities. The nursery seedlings represent a nursery of students on which the future of the municipality and the state will rest.

The flower garden in the schoolyard was a special product as part of which the system for drip irrigation was introduced, using rainwater for watering of the seedlings and the flowers planted in used car tires.


All the participants in the workshop were fully committed to the realization of the assigned tasks. The ideas came from all participants and they were transformed into finished products, which was one of the goals of the workshop. The socializing, cooperation, creativity, respect and learning of the languages ​​of the communities were inseparable decor of the wonderful atmosphere during the joint work.