Wednesday, December 8, 2021

Fair of Activities and products of the demonstration schools

Although the country doesn’t have a holiday or a special day to mark the values of multiculturalism and unity among different communities, nevertheless that did not impose an obstacle to plan such a day and to organize the event – Demonstration Schools Fair.

On September 29 in Skopje, over 200 students and teachers from the six demonstration schools promoted their activities and products from the joint work with students with different languages of instruction. During the fair, more than 400 teachers from the elementary and secondary schools throughout the country, as well as representatives of educational institutions became acquainted with the concept of demonstration schools.

During the event. a short film was watched that presented the effects and the experience from the process of joint work from the statements of students, teachers and parents; many activities were also presented on the video.

Every school performed one integrated act in front of the audience through which it demonstrated its attitude towards school events and celebrations. The audience was able to see small children dancing and singing to the rhythm of “If you are happy” in Albanian, Macedonian, English and also in Zulu language. The specific folk dances of the ethnic community were united in one joint integrated folk dance. With an appeal for unity, the participants sang the European and the school anthem.

Five different categories of activities, such as clubs, students’ initiatives, multicultural workshops, field trips and achieved cooperation among the teachers, were presented in five different halls. The wider audience experienced these activities through interactive and direct participation therein.

At the same time, the fair enabled a large number of schools to gather at one place and to share the experiences from the implementation of such type of activities through an intensive communication. Furthermore, the event enabled the demonstration schools to serve as a role model and an example for joint work, by conveying their experiences to the other schools.

Below, watch the video article for the Fair prepared by TV21:

Gallery of pictures from the event: