Thursday, January 20, 2022

Environmental Action in Tetovo – “Make It Green Again”

In the desire to contribute to a cleaner environment and to raise the environmental awareness both among the young people and among the adults, the Center for Balkan Cooperation “Loja”, with the support of the Interethnic Integration In Education Project, organized an environmental action under the motto “Make It Green Again”. The action, which was held in late September, consisted of cleaning the road from Tetovo to the Tetovo Kale, as well as the fortress Kale itself.

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The activity was implemented at the initiative of the volunteers of CBC “Loja” due to the fact that the issues of environmental awareness and environmental pollution are very topical in the Tetovo region in the recent years. The town is facing a real environmental disaster because of the many illegal landfills and the inability of the institutions to tackle the problem.

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The initiative was envisaged as a follow-up activity of the student camp which was held in mid-September in Ohrid, which was attended by 40 students from four elementary schools from Tetovo and the Tetovo region: “Bratstvo Migjeni” and “Lirija” from the Municipality of Tetovo, as well as “Aleksandar Zdravkovski” and “Semsovo” from the Municipality of Jegunovce. The environmental action was attended by all the students who a week earlier participated in the camp, and in addition, 50 of their classmates, volunteers and citizens who showed interest in contributing to the cleaning of the town voluntarily joined the action.


On the day of the environmental action, all the participants gathered at the Tetovo Square at 10:30 and from there, divided into 4 smaller groups, they headed towards the Tetovo Kale. Each group cleaned a section of the road to Kale and in less than 3 hours the road was completely clean. Then the fortress Kale was jointly cleaned and the entire action ended in 14:00.  After a short break, a workshop followed for recycling and making decorative items, jewelry and wallets from waste, which workshop was prepared and conducted by the volunteers from the CBC “Loja”. The action ended with an acoustic music concert by а local band, joint sports games and a picnic in nature.

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The satisfaction of all participants was evident. Despite the hard work, at the end of the day, they were enthusiastic and had smiles on their faces. The students and teachers from the 4 schools from Tetovo especially liked the Saturday because they rejoiced at the reunion and the possibility for another round of socializing after the summer camp.


Most of the participants expressed gratitude to the organizers and to all volunteers who contributed to the implementation of the action, and they expressed their readiness for participation and organization of another environmental action in the town.