Monday, January 17, 2022

Entering the New Semester Through a New Entrance Door in PS “Nikola Karev”


Returning to school after their winter break, 541 students studying at the Primary School “Nikola Karev” in Kocani were pleasantly surprised at the sight of their renovated school building. With beaming faces, they entered the school ebulliently through a new entrance door – which was built with the joint efforts of USAID’s Project on Interethnic Integration in Education (IIEP), the Ministry of Education and Science, the Municipality of Kocani and the school’s funds.

The school, originally built in 1957, has three2014-04-02 11.53.49 floors and 18 classrooms. Prior to the renovation process, it had a sole entrance to the school building. Each morning, students would form small crowds in front of the narrow door while getting into the school. Having one access point to and out of the school building, not only made it uneasy for the students hurrying to get in to their classrooms on time, it also did not comply with safety standards.


DSCN3362The new entrance door was not the only alteration that the students had come across during the first day of the new semester. The building had undergone a complete remake from its initial condition through IIEP’s partnership with the Ministry of Education and Science, the Municipality of Kocani and the school. The school now has a new lively yellow facade, renovated electricity, while the renovation of the school garden and the pathways to the school is on its way.

2014-04-02 11.58.34Undoubtedly, the school represents a second home to these 541 students and their 62 teachers. Assuring a decent and safe studying environment is the incentive given to this school, a reward for conducting good practices, among which is interethnic integration in education. IIEP has tirelessly worked together with partner institutions in providing a safer environment, and bringing more smiles on pupils’ faces.