Monday, January 17, 2022

End of renovation for beginning of a partnership and friendship

DSC03728On June 4 this year, students, teachers and parents from PS “Nikola Karev” from Kocani excitingly celebrated the finishing of the renovation and the end of the construction of a new entrance to their school building. The new entrance will enhance the safety in the school and assist students in getting into their classrooms on time. During the ceremony, students fascinated the attendees with their creativity, and brought smiles to their faces and many ovations with the performances of the school choir, orchestra and the joint folk-dance.

At the beginning of the event, the attendees were addressed by the Director of the school – Vlado Andov, the Mayor of Municipality Kocani – Ratko Dimitrovski, the Deputy Minister of Education and Science – Safet  Neziri. The representative of the United States European Command – Captain David Bustamante also addressed the audience. “Interethnic integration in public school education is crucial for the peace and stability in the Republic of Macedonia. With it, future leaders are enabled to grow up with common values and established friendships – friendships that will foster cooperation in an integrated society”, said Bustamante.

Potpisuvanje 1 (2)For the first time on an event like this, at the end, representatives from the school signed a Memorandum of Partnership with PS “Forina” from Gostivar area. The Director of the school “Forina”, Bedrije Aliu, who emphasized that it was her first time visiting Kocani, expressed motivation and willingness to cooperate with their new partners. Through this cooperation, students from both schools are expected to participate in joint research projects, visits, excursions, sports games and performances. In that way, they will build mutual trust and they will learn how to live together in a multicultural surrounding. Previous school partnerships established through IIEP give us hope that these young students from Kocani and Gostivar will soon astound us with their successes as well.

The renovation was implemented in partnership with the school, the municipality and the Ministry of Education and Science. Once again, it has been proved that when we get along, it is easier to build a brighter future for the children in Macedonia.