Sunday, October 17, 2021

Elementary students from Skopje spent time with their peers from Gostivar

About 40 students and teachers from the elementary school “Faik Konica” from Gostivar and from “Partenija Zografski” from Skopje, implemented several joint activities during their meeting in the village of Debrese, Gostivar.


The students used the joint meeting to practice the printing techniques by making a linocut and colour prints. Furthermore, they also made several paintings on different topics.

During the workshops, the students agreed about their work together, they supplemented each other, communicated well and cooperated with the teachers-mentors.

After the successful completion of the assignments, the students and the teachers continued their socializing in the yard of the school “Faik Konica”, where they shared their experiences and impressions about the implemented activities and made plans for their next meeting.

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