Monday, May 10, 2021

Debaters discussed the power of the citizens’ vote

From 14-17 December 2012, the National Debate Tournament for Beginners encouraged 50 teams from fourteen cities from Macedonia, to debate and open discussions on a topic “The vote in all elections in a democracy should be mandatory”.

Organized by IIEP partner Youth Educational Forum, the three –day event with 103 debates, offered the opportunity to the young people, to build their positions based on the arguments and facts, rather than assumptions.

The aim was to give to the young people a role to develop certain policies that can help the society, as a critical mass of youth, to become relevant actors in the decision-making processes.

Eighteen representatives from the Debate Clubs from four schools “Arseni Jovkov” Skopje, “Nikola Karev” Strumica, “Nikola Stejn” Tetovo and “Taki Daskalo” Bitola- as part of the USAID Interethnic Integration in Education Project participated at this national tournament. Debating in teams they had the opportunity to meet with their mates from other cities and different ethnic communities- and to practice integration and inclusion.

This type of activities support young people to have a critical thinking; initiate team work and understanding; and provide opportunities to learn about relevant societal topics through education, research and discussion.

This event is supported by the USAID Interethnic Integration in Education Project, Foundation Open Society Institute Macedonia, European Commission, International Debate Association (IDEA) and FON University.

Activities to enhance the skills of our young students from debate clubs are anticipated to continue in 2013 together with Youth Educational Forum.