Thursday, June 17, 2021

Debate Clubs, a Place for School Integration

With the beginning of the school year, the USAID Project for Interethnic Integration in Education in collaboration with the Youth Educational Forum (MOF) formed 4 debate clubs in municipalities of Bitola, Tetovo, Strumica and Butel. This activity enabled secondary schools “Arseni Jovkov”, “Nikola Karev”, “Taki Daskalo” and “Nicholas Stejn” to have their own debate club where students are being directly involved in informal education.

Debate clubs aim to create a multicultural cooperation between young people. By using teamwork, interaction, argumentation and discussion young people create a platform for communication and strive to overcome the prejudices and remove discrimination.

As part of the Project for Interethnic Integration, debate clubs of these schools have the opportunity to participate in national debate network in Macedonia lead by MOF and to use the debate as a tool for create opinions and discussions on current topics that affect young people and the country’s citizens.

Debate clubs member’s follow an annual program in which they are able to participate in debate tournaments, local, national and international events, to organize public debates, to get acquainted with debaters from other cities, states and cultures.

During the month of December debaters from the four schools will compete on the national  debate tournament, then the school will organize a public debate where we will learn about their classmates, parents and teachers with their work. Debate lectures are conducted by trainers Youth Educational Forum, which together with students, teachers and school management contribute to integration in education and multicultural society.