Monday, January 24, 2022

Arifa Maloska from Ohrid from PS “Bratstvo Edinstvo” was pronounced the best orator!

Serdarot_155_4853On March 25, 2015 the final Oratory meetings were held. The occasion was the celebration of the 155th Anniversary of the awarding of the Laurel Wreath to Grigor Prlicev for the poem “O Armatolos” (Serdarot). The USAID Interethnic Integration in Education Project (IIEP) got involved in the event through the participation of three students from PS “Bratstvo Edinstvo” from the Municipality of Ohrid. The students were reading excerpts from Gligor Prlicev’s Autobiography in Macedonian, Albanian and Turkish. The audience was thrilled, especially Grigor Prlicev’s grand niece, Ms. Olga Prliceva who arrived from the Republic of Bulgaria for the celebration of this event. In her speech, in addition to the quotations from the unpublished works of Prlicev, she also conveyed a message to the youngest ones on how they should conduct themselves and how they should behave towards their close ones and towards other people in order to grow up as productive members of the wider community, thus once again, confirming the universality of Prlicev’s work.

Serdarot_155_48511Out of the three finalists, from the primary schools “Grigor Prlicev”, “Hristo Uzunov” and “Bratstvo Edinstvo”, the winner at the finals of the Oratory meetings was Arifa Maloska from the primary school “Bratstvo Edinstvo” from Ohrid, which is one of the demonstration schools within the IIEP. Ms. Olga Prliceva presented a copy of the unpublished work of Grigor Prlicev to the Director of the winning elementary school “Bratstvo Edinstvo”, Mr. Muarem Doko.