Monday, October 25, 2021

Conducted creative corners training

By the end of January, a three-day training was conducted in Skopje for creative corners in which 10 teachers participated from the five secondary schools from around Macedonia that were previously trained and delivered creative workshops and a forum theatre methodology.

The purpose of the training was to additionally develop the teachers’ skills and expertise so that they could further convey the knowledge they acquired to the students at their schools.

Through a combination of individual and group work, the empirical learning process was especially interesting for the teachers.

In the course of February, the teachers that attended the training will establish creative corners and manage this creative and sustainable process with the secondary school students in their schools. Within the creative corners, by connecting the practices arising from contemporary art with the everyday life and education, as well as by getting to know the cultures of the others, the students will have an opportunity to jointly craft creative products.

In order to support and successfully implement the activities within the creative corners, at the end of the training the teachers were presented with computers at a dedicated ceremony.