Friday, July 30, 2021

Integrated Quote of the Week

“The parents who were to come with us in Vrapciste were worried before the visit. They asked why we were taking the children there. But after we got back, they were overjoyed from the reception there. They said that they wanted all the excursions in future to be in Vrapciste” – a teacher from PS “ Kiril i Metodij” v. Oraovica, Radovis.

“We are pleased to be guests in Ohrid, here in Velgosti. We commend and support this initiative, because we are one country, one state.   The Municipality of Tearce is a so called Macedonia in miniature, because Albanians, Macedonians, Turks and Roma live in Tearce; tolerance exists and we will continue to cooperate both here and there for better future, for the new generations, to invest for the children, for the students in that aspect.”- Isen Asani, Mayor of Municipality of Tearce.

“Such cooperation is always aimed at better and more effective communication. Both Municipality of Ohrid and Municipality of Tearce are municipalities that can offer a lot in terms of tourism and in the field of educational cooperation. I publicly invite all those who are interested to expand this cooperation with other schools as well.  Let this meeting be a call and an incentive for all schools, all managers from both communities and all interested municipalities in Macedonia, who have the desire, the opportunity, the trust that what we do is wonderful, to do this together, “Angel Janev, Deputy Mayor of the Municipality Ohrid.

Friendship knows no boundaries,” Goran Arsovski, IT teacher in “Koco Racin”, Kumanovo. “It was very exciting.    Not only the students, but I have never met an Albanian in my life, too. We had a wonderful time”, a teacher from “Sv. Kliment Ohridski” from Makedonski Brod.

”When the teachers told us where we are going, at first I hesitated because we were going to visit Christian facilities and we haven’t entered such facilities before. However, after the joint visit to these beautiful places, I would like to visit them again” – the student Nigjar.

“The selection of our school as one of the 13 schools motivates us to continue to implement activities for interethnic integration in education.  At the same time, this project will allow us to realize our dream of many years – construction of a concert hall. The project also encouraged the local self-government and the entire community to participate in the realization of our dream “- Zlatko Stojanov, director of the music school “Lazo Micev – Rale” from Kavadarci.

“Apart from being adequate and useful for the realization of the renovation in the school, there are other benefits from the training.  For example, raising the awareness of the municipalities and the local population for bigger and more active participation in the maintenance of the school building, which will improve the conditions in the school and improve the teaching process”- representative of а school board.

“There is not a division between us. So, we spend a normal day together – most of the day we are together; we have lunch together, the boys play more football, and when we meet on the street we are all together.” [female student, multi-language PS, ALB, ph. 2]

“We had joint activities as well – presentation of the history wherein the Macedonians presented our history, while we presented for the history of the Macedonians … Skanderbeg, Jane Sandanski and others.” [female student, multi-language PS, ALB, ph. 2]

“The children immediately became close friends during their very first meeting. This is their second meeting and now the friendship continues in our school” – school director.

“This corner is in its initial phase and we plan to enrich it with many more products that will be made by the students of both schools. The schools already have their own anthem – Friendship has no Borders” – teacher.