Friday, June 18, 2021

Community Outreach

Creating an environment for a better understanding and awareness of the relevance of ethnic integration in education for country’s prosperity and stability, as well as its accession into the European Union is the heart of Component 1.

Key stakeholders will actively participate and collaboratively build an outreach to enable public understanding of the project as the ultimate goal of ensuring all Macedonian children receive a high-quality education and create a sustained change. The projects’ community outreach strategy will be implemented at the national and local level.

Our goals are anticipated to be accomplished through:

  • Strengthening linkages and communication among all stakeholders through collaborative activities (meetings, events, round table discussions, public debates, etc.);
  • Implementing regional outreach activities with different target groups including schools, communities, and municipalities;
  • Organizing public presentations by schools to illustrate and celebrate success;
  • Producing a resource-sharing system to disseminate information materials and best practices;
  • Sharing positive examples and lessons by stakeholders at local and national levels using brochures, flyers, video festivals, debates, conferences, study visits, news outlets and social media.