Wednesday, December 8, 2021

School Maintenance trainings lead to improved learning environment

Following the successfully completed School Maintenance trainings in the pilot year, the same trainings were delivered for the members of the school renovation teams (SRT) from the 11 selected schools that will be renovated in 2013. In each of the newly selected 11 schools were established SRTs consisting of 5 to 10 members that represent the school staff, parents, school board, municipality and the local community.

The trainings were delivered in the period April – May 2013. The sessions were divided into two half day trainings and in total 176 participants attended these trainings. The school directors and technical staff, teachers, parents, representatives from the municipalities and local communities improved their knowledge regarding the determination of the school renovation needs and priorities, preparation of maintenance plans and budgets and planning of events for fundraising. Through interactive presentations, team practical work and group discussion the members of the SRTs shared their maintenance practices and learned how to improve them.

These trainings resulted in well prepared school renovation applications which were submitted to the Project. In the applications, the SRTs selected their school renovation top priority and planned how to renovate the school in partnership with the Project, the municipality, school, parents and local community. In the upcoming period in each of the 11 schools will be organized mentoring sessions in order to help the schools to further improve their work regarding the maintenance of the school facilities. From the improved work of the SRTs and the improved maintenance of the school facilities will benefit in total 9.162 students and 890 teachers.