Friday, June 18, 2021

Ribbon Cutting Ceremony at the Secondary School of Economics 8 SEPTEMVRI in Tetovo, Macedonia

The USAID Interethnic Integration in Education Project together in cooperation with the secondary school of economics “8 Septemvri” from Tetovo and the Municipality of Tetovo organized a ribbon cutting ceremony on 26 of October 2012 to mark the successful completion of replacement of the school windows, doors and floors. A number of guests were present, including U.S. Ambassador to Macedonia Paul D. Wohlers, Director interagency partnership of the U.S. military’s European Command, Michael Ryan, Deputy Prime Minister in charge of implementing the Ohrid Framework Agreement Musa Xhaferi, Minister of Education and Science Pance Kralev and Mayor of Tetovo, Sadi Bexheti, as well as representatives from educational institutions, teachers, parents, students and local community representatives.

This project is an example of a successful partnership among the involved parties with a common goal – providing better learning environment and bright future for the students in this school. The role of the School in the process of renovation was in dismantling the old windows and floors while the Municipality contributed by replacing the old doors with new ones in the classrooms. The purpose of the ceremony was to mark the occasion of the renovation of the school building as part of activities aimed at creating a better learning environment for inter-ethnic integration in education and for the better future of all students.

“Different cultures, traditions and languages are never easy to deal with, but we all must realize that the world is becoming more diverse every day. And we all must learn to see diversity as a potential rather than an obstacle. Allow me to acknowledge the efforts and support provided by the parents. Your voluntary engagement in these school renovations proves how committed you are to getting the best school conditions for your children. Moreover, it is very important that you, as parents, showed interest in supporting the interethnic integration of this school’s youth and in promoting diversity. As is true everywhere in the world, the youth of Macedonia must work together to build their future. Schools are the most natural places where students and teachers from different origins meet and exchange experiences”, said U.S. Ambassador Paul D. Wohlers.

The process of refurbishment was financially supported by USAID and the United States European Command (EUCOM) and represents just one segment of the number of activities that the school will undertake in the following years such as capacity building of school management to provide leadership to create and sustain integrated education, involvement of parents in activities at school to improve interethnic communication and to bridge ethnic and social gaps.  By ribbon cutting, the classrooms were put into use.