Friday, June 18, 2021

Advanced Training for School Trainers for Interethnic Integration in Education

In the scope of the activities for building the capacities of school management and teachers, in Skopje and Tetovo from 26 to 29 of March, an advanced training for school trainers about Interethnic Integration in Education took place. The training was attended by members of the school integration teams from 22 schools with two or three languages of instruction. The total number of teachers who received the training is 147.

The participants were familiarized with the new approaches of work in order to improve the circumstances and integrate changes at the school level through the implementation of joint activities (clubs, sporting events, etc.) and multicultural workshops. It is foreseen that the participants will allocate their knowledge to the colleagues in their schools.

The training was consisted of practical examples of joint student  activities, multicultural workshops, clubs, sporting activities, events, excursions, cooperation with parents, iconography, press bulletin board, democratic participation of students, life skills education and creating action plans in their schools. The training was very helpful for the participants and the knowledge consumed will be used as a tool in the future for more teachers to come.