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40 Sports Activities and Entertainment Games for Integration of Children and Young People

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Promo Video – Debate Conference “Integrated Talks”

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Parental involvment in activities for interethnic integration in education in Struga


Promotional Event of the Manual “40 Sports Activities and Entertainment Games for Integration of Children and Young People”

IIEP Summer Camp – Ohrid

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IIEP Summer Camp 2016 – Full video

IIEP Summer Camp 2016

Festival of Innovative Practices for Interethnic Integration in Education

Be my friend

Public debate in Karposh

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Guidelines Manual for Maintenance of School Buildings

Public debate in Negotino on the topic of “Youth Initiatives: Example of Cooperation, Integration and Trust “

A renovated roof for peaceful school days in PS “Naim Frasheri”

“In one part of the school, we had difficulties, especially during winter time, because that part was with asbestos sheets” said Lutfula Memedi, director of PS “Naim Frasheri”. Nowadays, this problem is in the past, since during the summer holiday, the roof was completely renovated as part of USAID Interethnic Integration in Education Project and with the financial support of the US Government, through the United States European Command.

Watch the video from the ribbon-cutting event which marked the opening of the renovated roof.

Documentary for IIEP Demonstration Schools

Be part of the Festival “Be Creative – Be Interactive – Be Interethnic” on September 19!

The Festival of Performing Arts and Good Practices “Be Creative – Be Interactive – Be Interethnic” will be held on September 19, 2015 at the Youth Cultural Center (MKC) in Skopje, starting at 11:00 AM.

The Festival “Be Creative – Be Interactive – Be Interethnic” is a result of the creative workshops implemented through USAID Interethnic Integration in Education Project. These creative processes, in the last four years aimed to enable students to strengthen their participation in interethnic dialogue in the school environment. Also, to increase citizen’s awareness and respect of the human rights among youngsters in Macedonia through creative approaches and expressions (using art, social media, theatre, film, dances, visual art, photography, internet, Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, blogs, and similar).

This Festival aims to be practical and a good example to those who aspire to work with young generations in creative manner. The framework of creative processes used in this Project, can be further applied in future similar initiatives.

The Festival is dedicated to those who believe in creativity and use of art as a potential that can drive the society in positive directions. It is made for those who believe in the potential of young generation. By using this potential through well-defined methodologies we believe and know that changes are doable.

At the end, we would like to specially thank all secondary schools and students for participating in the USAID Interethnic Integration in Education Project.

“Multi-via-Radio” is a new program hosted by Bujar Saiti about the challenges faced by young people and the amazing mix of cultures that surround us. Through a combination of discussion and music, we’ll explore the notions of our individual origins, cultural traditions (both shared and distinct), personal experiences, and the complex way they combine to shape our lives.

Multi via Radio is an activity of the USAID Project for Interethnic Integration in Education, in partnership with the Youth Education Forum.

This show is broadcasted with the support of the USAID Project for Interethnic Integration in Education. The show is result of the joint efforts by the Macedonian Center for Civic Education and Youth Educational Forum. The content in this show does not necessarily reflect the views of the United States Agency for International Development or the United States Government.

An atmosphere to remember at the awarding of the prizes from the competition “Multi-via-media: How do we coexist in schools”

Students and teachers, representatives of over 30 schools from many cities in the country filled the hall of the Cinematheque of Macedonia at the ceremonial awarding of the prizes from the competition “Multi-via media: How do we coexist in schools”, which was held on 7 May 2015. Many smiling faces, cheerful atmosphere, but also suspense and anticipation: everybody was wondering – which schools are going to win the valuable prizes from this competition organised by the USAID Interethnic Integration in Education Project in cooperation with the Macedonian Institute for Media?

The atmosphere was heated up by the excellent hosting of the showman and polyglot Bujar Saiti, who involved the audience in various games through which everyone in the hall symbolically showed that when working together, when all the pieces of the puzzle fall into place and all tones and instruments of a symphony are tuned, much more can be achieved.

After the speech of Xhevahire Pruthi Zajazi on behalf of IIEP and the representative of the jury Jane Stefanov, the moment which all of us have been expecting arrived – the awarding of the prizes, certificates of recognition and certificates of commendation.

The first prize, GoPro Camera 4 and lap-top, this time was won by the secondary school “Jane Sandanski” from Bitola for the video “Find the difference”, a simple story with powerful message about the equality of all students. The second prize, GoPro Camera 4 went to the Secondary electro technical school “Mihajlo Pupin” from Skopje for the video “How do we coexist together in the schools”, a story about students with different ethnic background who, after their initial disagreements, manage to find common language in their love of acting. The winner of the third prize was the secondary school “Zef Ljus Marku” from Skopje for their video “The School” which, through students’ acting, shows the road to victory over prejudices and violence against those who are different in the school.

Furthermore, several certificates of commendation were also awarded to the following secondary schools: Secondary municipal technical school “Gjorgji Naumov” from Bitola, secondary school “Koco Racin” from Sveti Nikole, State secondary school for art and design “Lazar Licenoski” from Skopje, Secondary municipal school ”Gjoso Vikentiev” from Kocani and Secondary municipal school “Kole Nehtenin” from Stip, which showed remarkable results at the competition with their creativity and quality production of the video stories and special engagement in the promotion of the school activities for interethnic integration. In addition, certificates of recognition for the demonstrated engagement were awarded to 26 secondary schools throughout Macedonia, and an honourable mention was given to the secondary school “Arsenie Jovkov” from Skopje for the excellent animated film “A story about the dragon”.

Watch this video in order to see the whole atmosphere of this wonderful event which everybody enjoyed:

Music as a Tool for Integration

Happy music on the entrance, lively teachers and excited students in the primary school “Strasho Pindzur” from Kavadarci. The reason? The school was expecting its guests from the partner school “Mustafa Kemal Ataturk” from Gostivar.
The hosts welcomed their guests like old friends. In fact, this was the second meeting between the schools, and the teachers already knew each other well. Immediately after the arrival, each teacher, together with his/her peer from the other school, started working on the implementation of the activities. The activities included football matches, art workshops, learning how to play the traditional instruments with the assistance of the students and the teachers from the music school “Lazo Micev Rale” and singing Macedonian and Turkish songs.

As we were told by Chako Alpaj, a music teacher from the primary school “Mustafa Kemal Ataturk” and Goran Janev, his peer from the music school “Lazo Micev Rale”, they were all amazed at how well the students mastered the new language in the song:

You can see and hear how they sounded in the attached video.

The Friendships from Ceples

There are no words that can capture the impressions of the participants in the IIEP activity, held at the Mountain Lodge Ceples, in which 32 students took part: 16 from PS “Lirija” v. Gorno Jabolciste with Albanian language of instruction and 16 from PS “Todor Janev”, Caska, with Macedonian language of instruction. Frankly, at the beginning, we arrived with a dose of scepticism: we were not certain if everything will run smoothly. Although coexistence is part of our municipality, we are dealing with kids after all, and that requires great responsibility.

At the beginning, the children received identical T-shirts – all of them! And you could not tell them apart anymore in terms of their background. The day began with icebreakers: activities that do not require many words, but require mutual help: they gave eachother a hand, they helped each other stand up, pass the ball and the like. We explained each activity in both languages, but believe me, the children started to understand each other communicating merely with their eyes.

The days were full of activities. Besides the packed agenda, we, the teachers, had to come up with additional activities. The first day was spent playing sports and games- football, volleyball, folk dances and listening to music all day long, cheerful voices were heard on the meadow in front of the mountain lodge. The second day, we went hiking all together, guided by a professional mountaineer, which lasted around 4 hours. All of the 32 students jointly sang “Makedonsko devojce” and “Roka mandolinen” which echoed through the forest. During the very first day, they memorized these songs on their own initiative and we agreed these two songs to be our hymns.

We started the afternoon by making joint drawings on a topic of their own choice. In mixed groups, students drew and wrote poetry. As I’m writing this letter, I have a smile on my face reminiscing on how wonderful they looked. They “quarrelled”, but their quarrels were about what colour the flowers should be, whether they use coals or just pencils, markers or coloured pencils.

The next day, they drew individual drawings on the topic of “Friendship” inspired by these three days. And as they were drawing, the children gathered on a circle with all materials in one place and cooperated as if they have known each other their whole lives, as if they were sitting with their best friends. A group of students who expressed interest made a herbarium from the collected herbs.

During the evenings, we organized parties with different kinds of music – it seems to me, in all languages ​​that exist. We danced and sang… The students sang and so did the teachers and the parents. I cannot describe how many happy and satisfied faces I saw around me. Together, we watched the football match of the Champions League. At this point, the children were divided, but not whether one is Albanian, Macedonian, Turkish… they were divided into Barcelona or Bayern Munich fans.

The students were tireless. On the third night they impersonated us, the teachers, inspired by events from the three-day visit. I think Jakupica was shaking from our laughter from the personifications. During the last day, the teachers, no longer had to divide them into mixed groups. They organized themselves on their own, whereas their groups consisted of everyone with everyone. We didn’t know which students came from which school.

Good news travel fast, hence the Mayor of Caska – Goranco Panovski treated us to a lunch at the Nezilovo fish pond for the successful implementation and genuine friendship. The children parted in the village of Teovo. Everybody got off the minibuses to say our goodbyes and play our last joint folk dance. The eyes of the students were full of tears: they required us to promise them that we will organize this sort of activity next year also. They hugged each other and promised to keep in touch. Tears appeared in the eyes of the teachers also. Our tears were tears of joy because the kids overcame all the barriers, prejudices and stereotypes that the grown ups still tend to have. And we have a lot to learn from these pure children’s souls.

We have not felt this satisfied and filled with happiness from a work obligation in a long time. Although there are many events that are casting a shadow on our happiness these days, we are still smiling when we remember how much joy we brought to these kids with your help – USAID’s Interethnic Integration in Education Project. And the students? They continue to keep in touch through their Facebook group. I cannot stop laughing when I read their cheerful conversations and evoking of memories.

Verica Todorovska

PS “Lirija”, v. Jabolciste, Caska

Video documentary released on the creative processes for interethnic integration in the schools

On April 28, 2015, at the Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Skopje, a video documentary was promoted which tells the story about the creativity and the artistic products of 600 secondary school students from several cities throughout the country.

The creative processes were implemented in 15 secondary schools with the assistance of IIEP and the partner organization PAC “Multimedia”. In each school, 25-30 students from different languages of instruction met once a week, in a period of six months. With the assistance of actors-trainers, students jointly worked on the creation of a final artistic product which afterwards was presented in front of their classmates and communities.

Creativity and art, and the many performances which resulted from the joint work of a total of 600 students from these secondary schools were crowned with a video material that will serve as an example for the future generations about all the things that can be accomplished when working together. You can watch the video documentary below.

Together with students from Butel and Nagoricane – a day full of mingling, fun and newly acquired knowledge

A beautiful spring and sunny April’s day, a perfect day for joint activities, sharing new knowledge about the different cultures, and of course – for lots of mingling and smiles. Students and teachers from PS “Hristijan Todorovski – Karpos” from Mlado Nagoricane, Kumanovo, were guests at their partners from PS “Panajot Ginovski” from Butel, Skopje.

How to make the school a top media story?

Through 15 workshops within the framework of USAID Interethnic Integration in Education Project, 440 members of School Integration Teams from schools from all around the country, acquired knowledge and skills for public presentations, public speaking and on how to approach target groups. How to be more visible in the public eye, how to make the school a top media story? You can see the atmosphere and their thoughts on the workshop in the following video:

IIEP National Debate Tournament for Beginners

Students debate “Formal education should (not) be the main carrier of interethnic integration”

Games, laughter and “Gangnam style” for one more successful story about the unity of youngsters

Another new partnership that promises long term cooperation and lasting friendships

The primary schools “Goce Delcev” from Ilinden and “Bratstvo Edinstvo” from Konjari recently entered into a partnership and immediately started to implement specific activities. The partnership was marked with a ceremony that was organized by the school “Goce Delcev”, which had yet another reason for celebration. This school became one of the 35 energy efficient educational facilities in the country after the renovation of the doors and windows in the past period as part of the USAID Interethnic Integration in Education Project.

Presentation of IIE activities of the demonstration schools “Gostivar” from Gostivar and “Zdravko Cvetkovski” from Skopje

Promotional event of short video products in Arseni Jovkov secondary school on 26 February 2013

Don’t let me be misunderstood

Dragon Story

Good and bad

Partnership activities between Elementary Schools Redzep Voka from Shipkovica and Kosta Racin from Brvenica

Friendship through creative workshops

Partnership activities between Elementary Schools Liman Kaba from Ljuboten and Marshal Tito from Strumica