Sunday, January 16, 2022

An atmosphere to remember at the awarding of the prizes from the competition “Multi-via-media: How do we coexist in schools”

Students and teachers, representatives of over 30 schools from many cities in the country filled the hall of the Cinematheque of Macedonia at the ceremonial awarding of the prizes from the competition “Multi-via media: How do we coexist in schools”, which was held on 7 May 2015. Many smiling faces, cheerful atmosphere, but also suspense and anticipation: everybody was wondering – which schools are going to win the valuable prizes from this competition organised by the USAID Interethnic Integration in Education Project in cooperation with the Macedonian Institute for Media?

The atmosphere was heated up by the excellent hosting of the showman and polyglot Bujar Saiti, who involved the audience in various games through which everyone in the hall symbolically showed that when working together, when all the pieces of the puzzle fall into place and all tones and instruments of a symphony are tuned, much more can be achieved.

After the speech of Xhevahire Pruthi Zajazi on behalf of IIEP and the representative of the jury Jane Stefanov, the moment which all of us have been expecting arrived – the awarding of the prizes, certificates of recognition and certificates of commendation.

The first prize, GoPro Camera 4 and lap-top, this time was won by the secondary school “Jane Sandanski” from Bitola for the video “Find the difference”, a simple story with powerful message about the equality of all students. The second prize, GoPro Camera 4 went to the Secondary electro technical school “Mihajlo Pupin” from Skopje for the video “How do we coexist together in the schools”, a story about students with different ethnic background who, after their initial disagreements, manage to find common language in their love of acting. The winner of the third prize was the secondary school “Zef Ljus Marku” from Skopje for their video “The School” which, through students’ acting, shows the road to victory over prejudices and violence against those who are different in the school.

Furthermore, several certificates of commendation were also awarded to the following secondary schools: Secondary municipal technical school “Gjorgji Naumov” from Bitola, secondary school “Koco Racin” from Sveti Nikole, State secondary school for art and design “Lazar Licenoski” from Skopje, Secondary municipal school ”Gjoso Vikentiev” from Kocani and Secondary municipal school “Kole Nehtenin” from Stip, which showed remarkable results at the competition with their creativity and quality production of the video stories and special engagement in the promotion of the school activities for interethnic integration. In addition, certificates of recognition for the demonstrated engagement were awarded to 26 secondary schools throughout Macedonia, and an honourable mention was given to the secondary school “Arsenie Jovkov” from Skopje for the excellent animated film “A story about the dragon”.

Watch this video in order to see the whole atmosphere of this wonderful event which everybody enjoyed: