Sunday, January 16, 2022

With the school maintenance trainings to a more efficient organisation and a better learning environment

396 representatives from the municipalities, local communities and schools, including directors, technical personnel, parents, school boards, as members of the school renovation teams (SRT) from the 13 schools selected for renovation during 2015, participated at the training held on April 16-17, for maintenance of the schools. They improved their knowledge pertaining to the definition of the needs and priorities for school renovation, preparation of an application and budget for renovation, preparation of plans and budgets for maintenance of schools and planning of events for collection of additional funds.

“The training was very useful, especially in the part of filling out the application and budget planning, as well as activities for raising additional funds”, says Elizabeta Andova, director of PS “Naum Ohridski”, from the village of Bulacani, Municipality of Gazi Baba.

Through interactive presentations, team practical work and group discussions, the SRT members learned how to prepare a high quality application and budget for renovation, they shared their practices for maintenance of schools and learned how to improve them.

“The training is organized at a high level, with all standards. It fulfills all expectations. The training will help the school team. The priorities and their ranking were explained. There was an exchange of opinions and various examples from other schools. This will help us, during the preparation of the Application, to define the needs and priorities in the school more easily. This will also help us with the current maintenance in the school”, said Jasminka Bogdanovska, director of PS “Simce Nastovski” from the village of Vratnica, Municipality of Jegunovce.

The pedagogue of the PS “Kultura” from the village of Matejce, in the Lipkovo region, Ismet Sabani, also had words of praise for this training. “I believe that the training is adequate and useful for the implementation of the renovation in the school. There are many benefits, such as raising awareness in the schools. It will positively affect the maintenance and engagement in the good course of the teaching process, where success depends on the good conditions of the school”, says Sabani.

1In the upcoming period, the activities for renovation of the priority projects in every school, will be implemented individually, and concurrently, mentoring sessions will be organized in all 13 schools in order to assist the schools and to further improve their work regarding the maintenance of the school facilities. More than 8,700 students will benefit from the improved work of SRT and the improved maintenance of these schools.