Friday, December 3, 2021

With mutual visits of schools towards greater integration between youngsters

foto6One of IIEP’s key activities is to organize mutual visits and to create partnerships among schools from different cities with different ethnic composition. This type of cooperation evidently contributes not only to getting acquainted with others and their culture, tradition, language and customs, but also it contributes to strengthening the professional cooperation between colleagues, building long lasting friendship that will continue after the activities finish, as well as establishing sustainable cooperation between schools and for other activities of mutual interest. Until now, about twenty partnerships of this kind have been established through the project, in which schools from different parts of Macedonia organize mutual visits and performances, visits to institutions, cultural and natural landmarks and other creative activities through which students get to know each other, make friendships and learn more about other communities. Apart from this, these sorts of visits are organized between demonstration schools which were selected through a public call at the beginning of the project. Due to their mixed ethnic composition, as well as the integrated mode of work, these schools are an example of how interethnic integration in the educational system is supposed to be built.

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At the end of January of this year, three promotional events took place and at each of these events two model schools (school-host and school-guest) presented the activities they implemented within IIEP in the first semester. At the first event, “Sande Shterjoski” primary school from Kicevo hosted “Bratstvo Edinstvo” primary school from Ohrid and the schools exhibited integrated folk dances that were part of their school performance. At the event organized between primary schools “Brakja Miladinovci” and “Bajram Shabani” in Kumanovo, the students from these two schools from Kumanovo held two acts: the first one was regarding New Year and the other one was a rhythmic dance of the English song entitled “If you are happy”. The third event took place in Skopje and was organized by “Zdravko Cvetkovski” vocational high school as the host and the vocational high school of economics from Gostivar as the guest, whose students held a rhythmic dance act, while their hosts had a performance of the school’s choir. Besides this, at each of these events, every school presented its on-going activities through an electronic presentation. Most of these activities are long-term activities and are expected to finish by the end of the academic year. Parents, teachers, representatives of other local schools, representatives of the key educational institutions (MoES, SEI, BDE, VETC), representatives of the municipality and of local media attended these events.

This kind of promotional events are going to take place once more by the end of the academic year, but this time, schools which had the role of hosts the first time will be visiting their guests. Everybody is impatiently waiting for these visits to take place so that friendships continue to develop, creativity and results are presented, knowledge is acquired, new places and people are seen, and of course, warm hospitality is offered since it is something characteristic of all people that live in this country.