Thursday, October 28, 2021

Who am I and how others see me – interactive workshop in the school “Petar Zdravkovski-Penko”

2Around twenty students from the Skopje elementary school “Petar Zdravskovski-Penko”, from classes with Macedonian, Albanian and Turkish language of instruction, took part in the interactive workshop aimed at becoming acquainted with the common things that connect different communities.

The workshop, which was held at the end of March, was organised by the members of the school integration team and it was also attended by the representatives of the USAID Interethnic Integration in Education Project as guests.

The interactive work of the students was comprised of 4 steps. First of all, they presented themselves through their favourite school subject and emphasized their characteristics. Then, the students were asked to draw 3 concentric circles in which they wrote down the characteristics which make them the same or similar to others, as well as the characteristics which make them special or unique.

In the third step, the students on a piece of paper wrote down one personal trait and signed the paper. All signed and folded papers were collected in the “Hidden Treasure Box” which will be kept until the final meeting in Struga.

The workshop ended with discussion on the students’ impressions and their proposals and suggestion about further activities. During the discussion, the responsible mentors came up with the idea to establish a “Club of young mediators” in the school which will contribute to the development of the tolerance and respect for the differences in the future.