Wednesday, August 4, 2021

We learnt more about the culture and the tradition

This was our first visit to a religious building of another culture and we learnt that the history of the religions is similar and that the church and the mosque have many things in common. The holy books comprise stories about the same people and events. They provide many moral lessons and life advice of everlasting and irreplaceable value, i.e. they teach us how to live and what kind of life to lead. The fact that we go to different temples in not a reason for us not to be friends. The other religions should be respected as well.


These are the conclusions of the students from the Kumanovo partner schools Koco Racin and Naim Frasheri made during the workshop for preparation of panels inspired by the visit to the cultural and historical landmarks of Skopje.


During the work in mixed groups, everyone was active, cooperated and complemented each other during the presentation of the most important features of the visited sites.

In a pleasant and merry atmosphere, they remembered the wonderfully spent day together and the new things they learnt. They also remembered Mother Theresa’s humanitarian deeds and messages of love and kindness.


They parted with a desire to meet again and to spend time together on a longer excursion that would last for several days and where they would learn even more about each other.