Sunday, October 17, 2021

We jointly planted ornamental trees

The students from the elementary schools “Koco Racin” and “Naim Frasheri” took part in the joint creative workshop on the occasion of the Ecology Day. They made spring ornaments, decorated pots and planted ornamental trees.

At the first workshop, the students in mixed pairs decorated pots with cardstock paper, self-adhesive paper, crayons, scissors and paper cutting patterns. At the same time, they wrote bilingual instructions on growing ornamental trees which should be planted in the decorated pots.

At the second workshop, each mixed pair planted their own tree in the already decorated pots.   Each decorated pot was provided with an ornamental tree, a bag with humus, a plain soil and a bilingual instruction which was attached with decorative ribbon to every stalk of the ornamental trees. The students worked and exchanged ideas by following the useful advices of the teachers.

As a final activity of the workshop, each student left his/her handprint with tempera paint on the joint panel in the “IIEP Corner” in the “Koco Racin” school.

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